Tips For Fighting A DWI

Driving while intoxicated can land you in jail. It is a penalty imposed to discourage motorists from engaging in this risky behavior. With so many fatalities due to drunk driving,people are expected to be more responsible when they take the wheel. That said,authorities can be overzealous when charging individuals with DWI. Many have been wrongly accused and have fought the charge in court. Below are some tips for fighting a DWI:

1. Get a lawyer who specializes in the subject.

This is a complex subject that requires specific knowledge of the law. It also calls for some scientific understanding and a great of experience with litigation. Do not hire just any[dcl=6643] that you happen to come across. Look for an expert who can have a better appreciation of the facts and a concrete plan on how to get a favorable decision from the court.

2. Question the actions that led to the arrest.

The police cannot stop people randomly for DWI checks. A vehicle must first exhibit unusual behaviors that merit stoppage like speeding or reckless driving. There cannot be any racial profiling. A well-behaved motorist should be able to drive without any problems with authorities. Even if there was a valid cause,the police should still follow the correct operating procedures regarding vehicle search and alcohol testing.

3. Question the evidence presented by the police.

The tests do not always provide accurate results. The breath analyzer could be poorly maintained and improperly calibrated. It might have been used the wrong way. The driver could have other medical conditions that are causing a high BAC reading. Evidence can be contaminated or tampered with. The sobriety tests could also fail to account for physical limitations and medical issues. Non-native English speakers might have trouble following instructions. A good[dcl=6643] will determine the right strategy based on the facts.

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