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Catholic Christian Formation

Parish School of Religion

Classes for elementary students attending public school. Sunday 10:30-11:45am. September through April in the school.

Contact Anne Etue at 419-535-7672.

Baptism Preparation

Couples preparing for the Baptism of their first child need to attend one class prior to the baby’s Baptism.

Contact Fr. Jim Sanford or Christine Velker at 419-535-7672.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

The process by which adults who are not Catholic learn more about the Catholic tradition, RCIA provides a place for interested persons to pray, reflect, learn and discern whether the7y wish to be part or our Catholic tradition.

Contact Anne Etue at 419-535-7672.

Engaged Couples Day

As part of their preparation for marriage, couples must take part in an Engaged Couples Day. It is offered twice a year.

Contact Timothy W. Etue at 419-535-7672.

Sacrament Preparation

The preparation of children for the reception of the sacraments is based on the belief that parents are the primary teachers of their children. Therefore, the involvement of parents is very important.

First Reconciliation is celebrated in November. There is a one-parent session in preparing for the sacrament. Second grade children are prepared as part of their curriculum.

First Eucharist is celebrated in May. There is one parent meeting, one meeting with parents and children and Bread Baking Day prior to the celebration. Second grade children are prepared as part of their curriculum.

Confirmation is celebrated in the early spring. Candidates are all eighth grade students of the parish. All candidates take part in a six-week preparation program involving their sponsors; Seventh grade students begin to prepare for the Sacrament by performing their service hours.

These programs include all of the children of St. Pius X Parish in our school, public school or other private schools.

Contact Anne Etue at 419-535-7672.


Gathering of women to share with other mothers the stress, concerns and positive experiences that have influenced their personal growth.

Contact Anne Etue at 419-535-7672.

Music Ministry

Choir-Our parish choir serves as the music ministers for the 11:00am Sunday Mass and for special liturgies during the seasons of the church year. All choir members are volunteers; however they are expected to make a commitment to attend rehearsals on Wednesday at 7:00pm and liturgies on a regular basis.

Contact Pat Urbaniak at 419-535-7672

Folk Group

The Folk Group is a smaller, instrumental group that performs regularly at the 8:45am Sunday Mass.

Contact Martin Keller at 419-471-1967 or Pat Urbaniak at 419-535-7672


The ministerial role of the cantor is to lead the assembly’s sung prayer during the Responsorial Psalm and throughout the liturgy. Cantors rehearse on an individual basis.

Contact Pat Urbaniak at 419-535-7672.

St. Pius X Youth Choir

All young persons of the parish in grades 3rd through 8th are invited to join this choir which sings for special liturgies. Those who join are expected to attend all rehearsals and liturgies.

Contact Pat Urbaniak at 419-535-7672.

Resurrection Choir

Provides support and loving concern for bereaved families and friends by singing and assisting at funeral liturgies.

Contact Pat Urbaniak at 535-7672.

Parish Nurse Program

Offers a positive partnership between the volunteer health care professional and the parish community. Offers blood pressure screenings, assesses home situations, offers health education.

Contact Grace Czerniakowski at 419-841-7764.

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Christ Renews His Parish is a renewal process that begins with a two-day weekend retreat, presented by lay people of the parish. The participants are then invited to form the team for the next retreat. They are encouraged to become active in some work of parish life. The faith and enthusiasm they bring is the vehicle Christ uses to renew the parish. Separate weekends for men and women.

Contact Gene Canestraro at 419-536-2915 or Marty McCabe at 419-536-3498 .

Athletic Association

This group functions as an advisory board which reviews, budgets, and sets policy for all athletic programs at St. Pius X. A wide variety of sports for all ages is offered; soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc.

Contact Jim White at 419-536-3230.

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts

Various volunteers direct and conduct the scout programs under a committee chairman and Scoutmaster, in liaison with the Toledo Area Council of the national scout program.

Contact Paula Ball at 419-474-0470.

Girl Scout/Brownies

The entire Girl Scout program strives to bring girls to responsible womanhood. The girls are taught responsibility and leadership through planning and self-government.

Contact Grade level troop leaders.

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